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About Us at Deer Park Business Directory New York


We created the Deer Park Business Directory to offer our local merchants 24/7 exposure on the Internet exclusively for Deer Park.

Everyone utilizes the Internet to research products and services and that is why this Business Directory provides our community shoppers with the information they are looking for at their fingertips, within the local neighborhood. Once clicking on a category only Deer Park Businesses appear providing visiblity for our companies listed under each category at a glance.

People have a tendency of forgetting the proper name of a local business making it difficult to look up.  This Directory has been fully optimitized for search engines.  Customers may now search Google with searches such as: Deer Park Stores, Deer Park Businesses or Deer Park Business Directory and this Directory will be listed.

We want to invite our shoppers back to our neighborhood businesses instead of them traveling to warehouse type stores and malls.   Patronizing our merchants will ultimately help to keep our community strong and our local economy healthy.

Note: This Directory may contain errors, please email us with any corrections such as company name, address or phone number and we will be happy to correct the error.

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