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Liquor & Wine Store, Liquor Gift Baskets, Custom Liquor Gift Baskets, Spirits & Wine Tasting


      Crazy Billy's Deer Park Liquor
1887 Deer Park Ave
Deer Park, New York  11729
      Phone Number: 631-667-8070        
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      Crazy Billy's Wine & Spirits - Proudly Serving Long Island      
      Since 1955 my family and I have been serving Long Islanders the finest wine and spirits. With that many years under our belts we’ve seen a lot of changes, but one fact still remains: for quality and selection, our customers know we’ve got them covered. That goes for everyone from the corporate sales department, if you’re ordering gift baskets, to the young couple celebrating their engagement.

In fact, some people just come to experience Crazy Billy’s.

We’re not just one of Long Island’s longest running wine and liquor merchants. With over 2000 brands in stock, we’re also the largest. Stroll through our main sales floor to find those brands you won’t see anywhere else. Bring a friend and check out the Cask Room, where over four hundred wines from around the world are available from $30 a bottle to well over $3,000. We also have large format wines available in 3ltr., 5ltr., and 6ltr.

Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Need a bit more info? Just ask one of my staff‚ or come straight to me. Whatever it is, if you can’t find it anywhere, we’ll get it for you here.

We have One Of A Kind Events and Tastings
Everyone is talking about the "experiences" at Crazy Billy’s. Stop by one of our upcomming events to try the newest spirits and wines. We also have been known to have entertainment that you would not expect to see.


Liquor Gift Baskets

      We have custom liquor gift baskets made to order. Our exquisite gift baskets are available for all occassions such as:
  • Birthday Liquor Gift Basket
  • Champagne Gift Basket
  • Corporate Liquor Gift Basket
  • Congratulations Gift Basket
  • Custom Alcohol Gift Basket
  • Housewarming Gift Basket
  • Spirits Gift Basket
  • Sparkling Wine Gift Baskets
  • Thank you Gift Basket
  • Wedding/Anniversary Gift Baskets
We can make custom gift baskets for any and all occasions.

      Folklore Told Billy Himself      
      Tale #00001
So has the recession affected wine sales? Yes and no. It has affected the dollar amount of sales but it has not affected the volume of sales.

People are still buying wine, but now the emphasis is on choosing bottles that represent quality received for value rendered. In other words, consumers are now looking for a good buy.

A few years ago people were buying $20-$40 bottles of wine without a second thought. Today, the $8, $9, and $10 bottles of wine are leading the market. The hottest items on wine store shelves in the past few years have been the $7-$10 “fighting varietals”.

Per capita wine consumption is about the same now as it was last year, but the highly priced wines are finding few takers. It’s all a matter of finding balance. The yuppie-inspired spend, spend, spend mentality of the 80’s is being replaced with a more prudent attitude toward spending as we move into the 2000’s. Ultimately this will be for the best because it indicates that a balance will be found which will bring things back into perspective.

As a consumer, you should know that you can trust the judgment of the clerks at Crazy Billy’s. We go out of our way to find quality wines at affordable prices so that you will be satisfied with your purchase.  Any time you want to ask questions, please feel free to do so.

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Crazy Billy's
Fine Wines & Spirits

Proudly Serving Long Island Since 1955

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